Finding the Best with Local Clarksville

I was recently asked about “Local Clarksville”. What did I find? Like many other locals, I’ve been missing the boat on the “who” and “what” regarding Local Clarksville. In today’s chaotic times, it’s easy to focus on the tough challenges ahead and take the positive for granted. As a community, we need a watchdog to help ensure people are reminded of the positive events within our city. Clarksville Local's Kacie Bryant and Tara Curtis help manage that process by being a gathering space for conversation.

Clarksville Local reflects some of the most important goals of a community’s growth strategy, such as hometown promotion of community values, successes, and residents. Building those bridges and relationships are something Local's Kacie Bryant believes is a key to success, “Collaborations are popping up everywhere, and it is wonderful to see. The best of our local businesses understand we can all rise together, even if in competition."

What you'll find on Local's Facebook page are streams of area business highlights such as Sadie’s Country Store, a local BBQ event or businesses like Buff City Soap’s making differences in their neighbors' lives. Community leaders, using Local as an example, position themselves to help hometown businesses grow their markets, residents improve neighborhoods and highlight an awareness of grassroots community events.

The power of word-of-mouth’ marketing is real - and has been magnified to the extreme with social media and sharing tools. “The biggest change that we've seen since we've started LOCAL is the increase of collaboration and partnerships between the business community.” Kacie Bryant further explained the momentum building in the area, “Three years ago it was rare to see a business give a shout out to another business. Now every time we open our social media pages, we see businesses doing shout outs for each other.”

The greater Clarksville area’s independent businesses are the foundation of our resilient and engaged community. A simple reminder is found when comparing the national landscape’s summer frustrations and resulting disconnection among neighbors. In contrast, our local community residents and leaders took the time to openly voice concerns and discuss solutions. These positive events are not accidental or random. Businesses, like Local Clarksville, provide resources to create a climate that supports the needs of local businesses through education, marketing, connection, and advocacy. Those business resources trickle down to create opportunities through resources which sustain and build positive personal and economic relationships.

Within those small business cultures, you'll find the creation of new jobs and an ability for consumers to contribute to the cause of supporting our local economy. In fact, for every dollar spent at a small business, approximately $.67 cents stay in the local community. “Our typical (website) visitor is someone that already knows the impact that shopping local has on a community, but we want to reach people that do not.”

The goal of Local Clarksville places the emphasis on where it should be – small businesses and local shopping. If you haven’t taken the time to check out their site, Local Clarksville, please give a tour and consider Clarksville businesses for your future holiday purchases.